Athlete Mental Health and Wellbeing: An Emerging Concern for Sport

Every athlete deserves to feel supported at their club

Date: Wednesday

  • 1st November

Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm AEST

Venue: From the comfort of your own home

Cost: $19.95 (GST Included)

In recent years, our overall knowledge and awareness around mental health has evolved, and this issue has become a serious talking point in today’s society.

Mental health does not discriminate and can affect anyone around the world including professional and amateur athletes.

Whilst mental health is a prominent topic that is continuously spoken about, not everyone can identify or has the knowledge to seek out individuals who are struggling and provide them with the help or resources they may need.

You may have several athletes in your sporting club who are dealing with a mental health problem that could be related to sport as a whole or something going on in their own lives, and you may not know about this.

Whilst we love sport, there is no denying that there can be challenges that come with the good times; it can create stress and anxiety for athletes – it is important for you to understand the triggers associated with this and understand how you as a member of the sporting club can provide support for your athletes.

A mental health problem affecting one of your athletes can cause them several problems, including performance issues, team success, morale of the group and overall, no one wants to see an individual deal with something that causes them great stress and anxiety.

This Sports Community Showcase Webinar will discuss all things associated with the mental health of sporting athletes and how you can support them through any tough times they are experiencing.

It will ensure you walk away feeling comfortable at identifying when an issue may be occurring, as well as being able to provide as much help as you can to ease or resolve the problem.

Guest Speaker: Dave Burt

Dave Burt, the Founder of Sport and Life Training (SALT), is a passionate advocate for building connected and caring communities through the power of sports. With a genuine commitment to making a positive impact, Dave is known for his optimism and unwavering belief in the potential to effect real change.

His journey began when he worked with seven clubs that had tragically lost loved ones to suicide, a wake-up call that inspired him to address the hidden challenges within the sporting world. Dave recognised the importance of fostering strong connections and addressing issues like hyper-masculinity and alcohol culture.

In 2015, he officially established SALT as a not-for-profit, preventative education organization that empowers local sporting clubs to create more resilient and compassionate communities. Today, Dave and SALT are deeply involved in addressing various factors affecting mental health and well-being, offering courses and programs to help individuals of all ages harness the strengths learned in sports for success in all aspects of life.

In this Showcase Webinar, the following will be covered:

  • The facts around mental health
  • Triggers of mental health in sport
  • Supporting your athletes when they express that they are dealing with an issue
  • Understanding the dimensions of health alongside the safety and rights of athletes
  • Ensuring you can support athletes through their sport development

Additional Information about the Session:

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After the session a recording of the course will be sent to you to view at your leisure. (Please note: Free webinars are not recorded)

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