Active Grants around the Nation

Active Grants around the Nation

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If you’re looking for ways to increase funding at your local club, grants are one of the best and most accessible ways to do so. Instead of browsing online and hoping to find a relevant grant for your state, we have comprised a live running sheet with grant updates as soon as we find them! Check out the list below and find a suitable grant for your club today.

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New to grant writing? We can help!

We know that applying for grants and finding the correct terminology can be especially challenging for even the most experienced grant writers. Understanding the criteria and using relative strategies to ensure your grant is going to be successful is timely and confusing. Luckily, we offer customised 3 part strategic planning webinars for your club’s volunteers, so that they can understand everything they need to know to get the grant they apply for. We’ll walk you through the step by step methodology to be successful, and attain the funds your club needs to keep afloat! Contact us now and find out how you can get that grant.