H&R Block Grants for Growth

Grants for Growth H&R Block supporting small business 2 winners will be announced each month H&R Block are giving away $10,000 to 12 small businesses. The winners of the grant will receive $5,000 in cash and $5,000 to use towards H&R Blocks business and bookkeeping services. Who Can Apply? For Small Business Business must have […]

SOLID is lighting up opportunity

SOLID Display Systems have created a solution for local sporting clubs to attract sponsorship opportunities through their scoreboards. Sponsorships are no longer seen as a goodwill gesture, but an opportunity to increase revenue. Prospective sponsors are hesitant, usually wondering: “How will people see my brand?” SOLID owner, Wayne Barr, has the answer – “Our systems know […]

10 Lessons that Clubs can Learn from Business

In the many strategic planning sessions we facilitate, there is a growing theme of clubs wanting to become more “professional.” Often, we hear from participants there is a desire for their clubs to become more businesslike or act more like a business. While I agree that there are a lot of “professional practices” clubs can – […]

9 Ways to Make it Easier to Run Your Club

Running a Sports Club isn’t always easy – but it can be Sports Community has been working with and helping sports club committees and volunteers since 2012. When working one-on-one with clubs and their amazing volunteers, our focus has always been “how do we make it as easy as possible when running a sports club?” […]

Email newsletter content

Like your club website, your email newsletter content should be a combination of: What your audience what to see, hear or read about What are the goals of the club that are currently being focused on? In marketing terms a common rule is to have 90% of your email newsletter as content and only 10% […]

Email newsletters

A website, no matter how well constructed, maintained and updated, is a static resource. It only creates value when people actually visit it. The email newsletter is the complete opposite. Clubs can use email newsletters to broadcast information to its audience on a regular basis. Even if a person does not open the newsletter, it […]

Creating a great club website

Before we look at what how you should set up your club’s homepage let’s have a look at the huge variety of information and functionality that could exist on your club’s website. To make it easier we have created a “Website content and functionality checklist” that lists a whole range of different information content and […]

Unleashing the amazing power of your club’s website and email newsletter

So many sports clubs have their own website but are unsure why they have it or how they can best use it to their advantage. Very few clubs actually have a regular email newsletter yet it is the most powerful and most effective way of building and maintaining relationships with those who are have a […]

Club memberships

Club memberships Club Memberships are absolutely critical for the ongoing sustainability of any sporting club. For most clubs, it is a main source of revenue and it provides an opportunity for people in the community to really feel like they belong to that club. This sense of belonging will ensure that these people will continue […]

Drives and -athons

A favourite among clubs is an ‘-athon’.  This could be a swim-athon, run-athon, read-athon, jump-athon, basically any activity you can think of that would suit your club! An ‘-athon’ event involves your club community coming together to see how long or how many times they can do a specific skill and seeking sponsorship dollars from […]

Food or product drives

Food or product drives are a favourite fundraiser among clubs as they have an incredible track record at raising solid fundraising dollars. Popular choices are chocolate frogs or bars, lollies, cookie dough, sunscreen, pottery, plants, lamingtons. This is a fundraiser that involves everyone at the club pitching in and selling some chocolates, lollies or items […]


Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a specific project using the internet and social media networks to raise small amounts of money from a lot of people (cumulatively, this can equal a lot of fundraising dollars). It also allows you to describe and promote your cause to get your supporters, sponsors friends, family, […]