What is a webinar?

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is simply training that is delivered online.

Special software is now available that enables videos, audio and images to be shared online over the internet, so that training can occur over the internet just as it would in a classroom with the added benefits of being able to do the training from your own home or office.

In a webinar, the presenter or trainer is able to share video, audio, images and text with others that are linked to his/her computer via webinar software. The trainer can share files, his or her screen with you and talk to you while explaining a concept. Participants can see the presenter via webcam, ask questions of the trainer via voice as well as chat to presenter and each other using a “chat function” that allows you to type messages as you would with instant messaging apps. So webinar experiences are very inclusive with lots of ways to interact and share knowledge.

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