Learn the Secrets of Successful Grassroots Sports Clubs

'To give your club the advantage'

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It is estimated each session will go for around an hour (depending on questions) and each session will cover the same material.

  • They don't understand their new role and may be scared to ask how.
  • They are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

The volunteers we work with are always keen to help their club succeed but have a number of common challenges:

  • Tasks take too long or just aren't achievable.
  • They can't get enough help and volunteers.

After working with thousands of clubs we have discovered the secrets of the successful clubs who achieve their goals year after year, have a strong connection with their community and are able to maintain a culture where everyone pitches in and volunteers to help.

This session will be JAM PACKED FULL of great information that you can take back to your club to create immediate change!   The topics will include:

  • The top key characteristics of successful Sports Clubs
  • How a committee should really function
  • How to achieve objectives at your club
  • The most effective Club Structure and Culture
  • How to get the community on board
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Position Descriptions
  • Financial Management and reporting
  • Strong relationships and communication
  • Websites, social media and email newsletters
  • Pathways for volunteers, players, coaches and officials

What can you expect to discover?