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YouTube is a website that allows users to open an account to which they can upload videos and from which they can display videos and link to videos. Hosting videos on your own club website takes a lot of space and bandwidth that could incur extra costs so using YouTube to host club video is a smart option.

Once your club videos are on YouTube, your club can link to them from the club website and facebook page, and by doing so, your club has produced a multimedia platform – articles, audio and video – and that is a powerful tool for attracting sponsors.

YouTube also provides statistics on how many times your video has been viewed and by who. This is important as potential sponsors will be more likely to sponsor your club if they can get exposure on your popular video channel.

Using Youtube is straightforward, there will be many in your club who can perform the function of managing the club’s Youtube channel. But if you don’t have anyone, there are many online tutorials. See http://www.youtube.com/t/about_getting_started


Twitter is also a significant social media tool. The functionality of Twitter differs to Facebook, Twitter as a medium, is instantaneous. There is a widely held belief that the life of a tweet (communication update) is 3 mins, the life of a Facebook update is 3 days.

Twitter is best thought of as a local bar. People will float in and out and converse with the people they ‘follow’ on random topics. Twitter is most useful for events also. Instead of following every football supporter you can follow one game’s ‘hashtag’. This will give you all the up to the second comments and details of the game, without having to follow too many users. Subjects/event/shows can all be populated and create conversation in the twitter community by following a hashtag. Clubs should promote and advertise the #hashtag they will be using for the event. It will connect your audience and further spread the information and event happenings to a wider audience.

The more engaging tweets a club posts the more followers they will gain.  A high number of followers mean that a large number of the club’s fans are getting the latest news feed from club. This way,  local clubs enhance their chances of gaining sponsorship as well spreading news about the club or club event to a vast number of fans.

Clubs can also integrate facebook and Twitter so that tweets appear on facebook pages or vice-versa, clubs can even have tweets appear in a live stream on their club website. The advantage of this strategy is that content is always being produced and interchanged by your club’s fan/member base and this keeps your social media platforms dynamic.


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