What is Instagram and how does your club use it?

By Joe Novella
Sports Community
June 26, 2013


Instagram quick stats

90 Million users and growing
40 million photos shared daily
Instagram photos posted on facebook generate: 8500 likes per second
                                                                             1000 comments per second

What is it?

Instagram is a rapidly developing social media app that allows you to take photos on your mobile devices and share them instantly with the rest of the world. Just recently, Instagram has added video functionality so videos taken on mobile devices can also be shared.

Why so popular?

The old saying: photos are worth a thousand words. In this busy world people are less inclined to digest words when they can get their information graphically.

How to use it

Instagram has a comprehensive help section http://help.instagram.com/  and there are many “How to” guides such as http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Instagram

How do sports clubs make use of Instagram?


Sport is filled with moments ready for capturing graphically in photo or video format. Instagram is perfect for match days for capturing live action and sharing it with the club community who can then share in the joy of seeing their partners, kids, friends, relatives in full colour.

Behind the scenes shots

Because Instagram has become so popular, simple portrait or landscape shots don’t attract as many shares, clubs need to provide something outside the ordinary to engage their community. Taking behind the scenes photos such as pitch setup or in the canteen, or a committee meeting in progress provides a unique insight to your club and highlights some of the off-field stars.

Encourage club members to contribute their own photos and videos

What better way to engage your club community and build that valuable sense of belonging than to get members involved. Instagram, like twitter, allows for hashtags, which are a simple way of allowing members to upload their photos to the right place and can be used for specific match days or events – #gullsvdogs or #beauytrivianight (see http://blog.instagram.com/post/17674993957/instagram-tips-using-hashtags )

Edit and maintain an Instagram web profile for your club

One particularly useful feature that clubs should be aware of is that you can now have your own Instagram page on the web. This allows clubs to promote the photos that are contributed by the members and share them with the rest of the world – a great way to market and promote your club. ( http:/help.instagram.com/164895810321211/ )


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