f) Waste Management

It is essential that event planners understand the requirements that are a part of managing the rubbish and waste from an event. Often, local clubs may not realize all the standards required in managing each and every one of their events. The toilet supply and maintenance, venue cleaning, rubbish removal and maintenance, and security coverage for all are essential components of every event. They are relatively easy to construct and organise but they must be carefully planned for and managed throughout the entire event.

Rubbish bins and recycling bins required can be hired and organised for pickup with local waste management companies. The event lid ID dividers can be hired and further aid in the cost of removal from the site post the event. Councils will require your club to leave your grounds in a clean and spotless condition.

Calculation method for the bins should consider the amount of attendees the amount of food and product sold on site. The proximity and location of bins should reflect an easy distance for patrons to reach (within 100mts) and it should be placed in the area where the waste is most likely to be consumed ie on the perimeter of the dining areas.

Keeping the event clean during the day can be aided by having roving collectors that can help pickup rubbish, rotate and empty bins as the day progresses. A roster to empty bins and staff will ensure that the event is clean before during and after the event.

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