a) Managing Volunteers

Every sporting club has a ‘Bazza’ – you know, the guy who puts his hand up for every job that needs doing. Everybody ‘loves his work’ and the committee’s favourite catch cry is ‘its ok we’ll just ask Bazza to do it!’

So what happens when Bazza hangs up his boots? Or when little Jimmy moves on and his mum leaves her 5 year post as club secretary? How do you recruit another Bazza (or 10)? How do you get the most out of the partnership? And how do you keep them volunteering for your club?

The success of sporting clubs and sporting events can be strongly linked to the successful recruiting, management and retention of volunteers. Volunteer involvement can be the key to the long term sustainability of sporting clubs. The effective management of these volunteers is crucial to the day to day running of the club as well as special events both on and off the field.

When considering volunteers in your sporting club, there are many important factors to consider including:

  • Ascertaining what jobs need to be done
  • Creating position descriptions
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Identifying their skill sets
  • Creating a database of volunteers
  • The needs of volunteers
  • Their motivation to do what they do
  • Event rostering
  • How to retain volunteers
  • Effective communication methods
  • Recognising and rewarding volunteers
  • Succession planning


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a) Managing Volunteers
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e) Communication
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g) Position Description

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