Top 5 fundraising ideas for your club

By Sports Community

June 27, 2013

According to page visits at  the following are the most popular ways to raise funds at your club.

1. Cake/Bake stall

Cake stalls are a traditional favourite of Australian community club culture. Unfortunately, there has been a tendency of late for clubs to avoid this type of event due to food & safety regulation concerns. This is sad because the public love this type of event and the rules and regulations are not that bad.

2. Crowdfunding

Crowd funding is a way of raising money for a specific project using the internet and social networking technologies to get small amounts of money from a lot of people (cumulatively, this can equal a lot of money).

3. Showbags

Showbags – fun collections of items including, merchandise, food and toys. Showbags can raise significant funds for your club, the secret to making them work is to have a collection of goods that represents great value to the buyer, the kids! Sold at events such as fetes, fairs and christmas parties, Showbags can appeal to a wide cross-section of people and good margins can be made on their sale.

4. Raffles

Raffles have stood the test of time. They are a tried and true method to raise funds. The lure of the local club raffle is enticing in its appeal and unending in its ability to provide funds to clubs. Raffles can be as big or as small as the club needs. And once prizes are organized, it is a time-efficient way of raising funds. Meat-tray raffles, chook raffles, car raffles, house raffles, Christmas Hampers, Easter egg raffles, door prizes at events, holiday raffles, gym memberships and tickets to shows and sports events are just the tip of the ice berg.

5. Carols by candlelight

Who doesn’t love a Carols by Candlelight? Clubs looking for a marquee event need look no further than this event as ‘Carols’ has the potential to raise significant funds and establish a highly-visible profile for your club in the wider community. 


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