b) Time and Place

The selection of a location and the determination of the event date and time is critical. A major determinant to the attendance and success of your event is in the ability to pick the best time to gain maximum exposure and support for your clubs endeavours.

Select a date and time which is firstly conducive to your activity planned, no point washing cars in July in Melb! The timing will also need to work around the exposures your attendees would likely face at the same time on a similar weekday, ask yourself if the event will drive enough interest to divert a normal course of action. These indicators will help you to estimate your potential crowd size. The pre sale of tickets will further give indicators to estimate amenities and catering needs.

Issues to consider – Is rain a worry? (identify the probability of rain), what are the other events planned at this time in and around the area. What is the normal cultural behaviour of your market on this day traditionally, events don’t always have to be local to have an impact on the success and market coverage you may gain.

Can your event linked to other activities which will maximise crowds, the local racetrack has had success by showing the footy on the big screen and running races alongside the big day. It has given them a renewed market on a traditionally dead day of the year for them.


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b) Time and Place
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