Team App – Free Smartphone App for your Team


What is Team App?

Team App allows you to create your own free customizable smartphone app quickly and easily. Utilising the latest smartphone technology, Team App has addressed two main concerns with running a sports club.

  • Managing the flow of information.
  • Creating commercial opportunities.

Team App was developed via extensive market research gained from club presidents, coaches, players, supporters, parents and successful business people, all of whom have critical input in running a successful sporting club.

For a great short clip that explains the Team App platform, please click here.

How can Team App help my club?

Team App can help clubs to improve communication, increase commercial opportunities, improve cash-flow and have better attendance at social functions.

Team App realises that sporting clubs are an evolving landscape, so they provide innovative new features for clubs and teams at all levels.

For club administrators it allows:

Manage their members list:  Administrators can view the team’s member list from inside the app. Members can then choose to enter optional phone number, address and emergency contact details to allow admins quick and easy access to important information.
This information being easily accessible to administrators makes it easy to call members, send email and text messages from the one handy location. Administrators can also approve or deny access requests direct from their smartphone or via the website dashboard.

Simplify club communication:  Your club can send news articles direct to the smartphones of your members through push notifications.  You can also instantly connect with members, players and key stakeholders, view and manage player availabilities, promote your events and club functions and get instant attendance notifications.
Team App offers a new level of professionalism to engage players, supporters, sponsors and key stakeholders. 

Raise funds and add value for sponsors:  Your Team App has many great ways to offer additional value to existing sponsors and to help you attract new ones.  Thanks to mobile communication, Team App puts your club and its news, events, photos and chat in the palm of your member’s hands.
This daily flow of information provides the opportunity for your sponsors to get a genuine return on their investment so generous support from sponsors no longer has to be seen as ‘just a donation’.

Team App is also highly customizable. 

For members it allows the sharing of the following information:

  • News
  • Events
  • Schedule/Fixture
  • Standings/Ladders
  • Live Scores
  • Teams
  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Availability
  • Social
  • Newsletters
  • Team Store
  • Web Links
  • Member Directory
  • Emergency contact information
  • Player Profiles
  • Store documents
  • Import Members

How does it work?

1. You create your Team App through their platform and customize as your club would like.
2. Download the app and ask members to download the app.
3. Begin communicating.

How much does Team App cost?

Team App is absolutely free. Free to create and free to download. There are no set up or usage costs. 

How does your team get started?

Your club can easily register online at the Team App website.

Click here to register your club.

Who is already using Team App?

Catheine Mayne, Participation Manager – Calisthenics Victoria
Team App is an excellent way of communicating to members. We’ve uploaded newsletters, competition schedules, sponsors and we’re now working on adding live scores! Push notifications have been fantastic for volunteer call-outs and reminding members of important dates.

Joey Picard, Mass Bay Colonials
With Team App, we were able to take over forty strangers and their families and quickly and effortlessly turn them into a proper team: well-organized, up-to-date, and communicating seamlessly. I’ve used other organisational apps in the past and nothing comes close to offering what Team App offers.
Jarrod McLean, Horse Trainer – Jarrod McLean Racing
As a horse-racing trainer, communicating with owners is very important. With Team App I can now send instant messages, upload photos, send out news items and promote new ownership opportunities. Team App enhances the experience of owning a racehorse.

David Roberts, Latrobe City Energy
Due to announcing our VJBL team selections via Team App, we achieved almost 100% sign-up of players and families. Communication has never been easier, everyone has access to relevant information and we can send a notifications to one team or all our teams as required.

Kye Cherian, Aussie Rules Football Player
Having my Teams App on the phone is a great way to stay connected. I receive regular messages from the coaches, I can see player availabilities, dates for club functions and can participate in confidential discussion groups.