i) Step 3 – Sign off from members and stakeholders

Step 3 – Members and key stakeholders review and sign off

In much the same way that the planning process is undertaken in stages the outcomes of the planning process can be released in stages.

Draft objectives

As soon as the committee has signed off and documented the goals that they can be released to members and stakeholders as a draft for review and comment.  It is important that members get the opportunity to provide their feedback on the proposed future direction, prior to it being given final sign off by the committee.

Ensure there is a dedicated person to contact should anyone wish to provide feedback.  It is also very important to nominate a closing date for feedback and understand that in some instances, based on the feedback from members and stakeholders the goals may actually change.

The announcement of the draft goals is also the ideal time to seek expressions of interest for people to join sub committees or get involved in the delivery of those goals and activities which interest them.

Heavily promoting the draft goals and the request for feedback is a major step in raising the awareness of the future goals and how each person can help in their achievement.


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