a) What is Sponsorship?

Put simply, sponsorship is a mutually beneficial business relationship between two parties, the business (sponsor) and the club (sponsored).

In terms of sporting clubs, having sponsors can significantly help clubs to reach their goals and objectives. The financial support of sponsors is often used to reduce the costs for players, of uniforms and competitions while also supporting the general running of the club.

Sponsorship may be in the form of cash, donated goods and services or access to the resources or staff of the sponsor.  These goods and services can become more valuable than simply cash sponsorship through fundraising events or specialised services.

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More about Attracting Sponsors:

b) Why do clubs seek sponsors?
c) Understanding why businesses sponsor local clubs
d) How do we best approach sponsors?
e) How to value your club’s sponsorship packages and offers
f) How to create value from your club’s assets to attract and keep sponsors
g) How to prove your club’s value to sponsors
h) Sponsorship Do’s and Don’ts
i) Engagement strategies that make your sponsors feel valued and ensure multi-year commitments
j) Creating the perfect sponsorship proposal

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