q) Top 9 Ways to use Social Media to achieve Club goals

The top 9 ways to use Social Media to achieve your Club’s goals

Social Media is an incredibly useful communication tool that can support your club to achieve it’s goals.  Not only can it be used to communicate with the current members of your club about what is going on, it can also be used to create a sense of belonging for people involved with your club.  This sense of belonging encourages people to want to engage with and support your club.

A great way to think about this is:

Imagine for a moment you are walking down the street and a person comes up to you and asks to have $100.00.  What do you say?

Well you may ask why but what you are most likely thinking is not a chance, while looking for a way to escape the conversation.

Now imagine if your best friend walked up to you and asked for $100.00.  Would you give it to them? Yes most likely.  Why? Because you have a relationship with the person.

You are probably a lot more likely to give it to your best friend rather than the complete stranger walking up to you in the street.

We can begin to think of this communication as a way to form, develop and maintain strong relationships with those who help you achieve your club goals.  This includes members, volunteers, potential members, council representatives, suppliers and other people involved whether directly or indirectly with your club.

Here are 9 great ways to use social media in order to engage our audience and grow stronger relationships to reach club goals:

  1. Engage potential new members and link your Social Media sites to your Club’s website – A common club goal is to grow membership numbers.  People wanting to becoming involved in your club, whether as a player, volunteer, parent or sponsor will be wanting to find more information when visiting your Club’s Social Media site.  To ensure your Social Media doesn’t become over crowded with day to day information such as training times or venue information, you can link your Social Media sites back to your website where this information can be clearly available.
  1. Grow strong relationships with your sponsors and advertise them on your Social Media sites – This keeps sponsors very happy and continues to strengthen your long term relationship.  You can also see the referrals your social media is providing to the sponsors website which helps to identify the real value of the sponsorship.

Looking for ways to improve the use of Social Media at your club?

Grab a copy of our eBook on social media marketing communications for clubs

Grab a copy of our eBook on social media marketing communications for clubs

Have a look at our ebook and online courses on using social media at your club.

  1. Use Social Media to be more appealing to potential sponsors – It is an advantage to be able to offer for businesses to advertise on your Social Media sites when approaching them for sponsorship.  Looking at the number of ‘followers’ or your audience can be a great selling point in relation to the reach of the companies advertising.
  1. Include as many people into your events as possible by updating in real time – During weekly competitions and events you can update your Club’s social media ‘live’ to keep people who are connected with your club feeling part of the event even if they are unable to attend.  This supports the retention of members as it continues to engage them in times they may be away from the club and helps them to feel they still belong 
  1. Include stories about volunteers – Another common goal is to foster a positive and appreciative culture.  Often players get a lot of the attention so including stories about your volunteers ensures that these important members of your club continue to feel valued and it also supports a strong sense of belonging.  Another benefit is that is highlights the incredible work people do for your club and helps to grow a positive culture of volunteering.
  1. Grow the impact of your fundraising events by advertising them on Social Media – Social Media is a great tool to advertise and grow excitement around events such as big game days or club fundraising events.  You can post logos and information as well as the added feature on Facebook where you can add your event with all of the relevant information and ‘invite’ your guests to sign up.  This allows people to talk about the event and grows the excitement and numbers.  In turn usually results in more revenue for your club.
  1. Reach potential new members through by posting pictures of the teams, game days and functions – Most people love to see themselves in a photo as it makes them feel special, valued and supports a sense of belonging.  Posting photos also allows your audience to share these with friends and family, broadening the exposure of your club to people who may wish to become involved with your club in the future.
  1. Continue your relationships with past players by including historical stories or profiles – This can help to maintain your relationships with past player who will still fell valued and connected to your club.  They may wish to become involved as a volunteer,  sponsor or coach in the future and keeping them involved makes this an easier transition.  They may also like to continue to attend future social events even though they are no longer playing.  By continuing to communicate with past players makes them still feel welcome and included and therefore much more likely to continue to attend club events. 
  1. Engage your current audience with fun and engaging posts such as competitions, polls, pictures, trivia, stories and memes – This not only helps to build interest and activity and helps to retain members but also helps to builds a positive, fun and connected culture of people engaging with each other, no matter where in the world they are located.