q) Grounds/Facility Manager

The Ground/Facility Manager is responsible for the management, maintenance and efficient operation of managed sites. This may include turf management, repairs and maintenance, security, cleaning and more highly technical services required.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Machinery such as grass mowers are used only by authorised and experienced personnel
  • All equipment and machinery is securely locked away when not it use
  • The premises are properly secured when not in use and not available for any ad hoc activities
  • Third party contractors do not commence work of any kind unless evidence of insurance and safety legislation compliance is forthcoming. In his absence the Grounds Chairman will request a member of the General Committee to deputise
  • A fully-equipped First Aid Kit is available on site at all times
  • Waste and refuse are managed and collected by the appropriate agency
  • Context of the clubs policies and practices as well as legislation, conventions and codes of practice, ensuring that products and services are delivered and maintained to standards agreed by the organisation and the customer
  • The preparation of financial plans and budgets by operational/non–financial managers, as required by the club
  • The preparation of users of budgets/financial plans through communication and training and consistent surveillance over budget performance, with early intervention where required
  • Coordinate equipment selection, use and maintenance and to produce maintenance plans for a facility
  • Establish stock control and stock purchasing systems within a sport and recreation facility or context
  • Plan and control the use of resources to an optimal level
  • Setting the operational frameworks for all record creation, capture, use and monitoring activities within the business or records systems of a specific business domain
  • Develop staff rosters, depending upon the sector and enterprise, this role may be carried out by dedicated specialist staff or by operational supervisors and managers

Knowledge and skills required

  • Well organised and have a great attention to detail
  • Aware of the all requirements in relation to field set-up and dimensions, competitions requirements and safety protocols
  • Able to resolve issues in an logical and systematic manner, and always value participants safety first and foremost
  • A good communicator able to liaise easily with team management and spectators

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