g) Proving your value to sponsors

The benefits for businesses that choose to sponsor sporting clubs aren’t always clear. There is some useful information to be aware of when approaching potential sponsors or when looking to renew and hopefully expand sponsorship agreements.

We know from research are that:

• Sponsoring sports clubs can provide unique opportunities for businesses and help them develop in ways that general advertising doesn’t (MediaCom,2014). For example, it may allow the sponsor to show off their capabilities in a way audiences may otherwise not get to see.

• Consumers are generally aware that official sponsors contribute to the events or sports they love, and research shows that sports fans have a more positive perception of event sponsors (MediaCom, 2014).

• Sponsoring sporting clubs can help create loyalty towards the brand.

• Sponsoring sports clubs can increase brand awareness.

• Staff working for the sponsoring business may develop a sense of pride and clients a sense of respect with the knowledge that the business is supporting the community.

• Sponsoring a sports club can help to grow community support and a positive perception for the business.

These benefits for businesses can continue well after the initial sponsorship activities and are important to consider when approaching potential sponsors.

Proving Your Value to Sponsors

The key metrics to consider in proving your value to sponsors include:

Cost per reach – this is how much it costs the company to reach each individual member.  For example a $1000 sponsorship with a club of 2000 members equals 50 cents per reach.  If engaged, these numbers are very meaningful to businesses.

Measuring online traffic – You can measure the traffic to your club’s website, social media sites and email newsletters.  This is even more effective for businesses when the sponsor’s message is connected to a “call to action”.

Measuring the Financial Value – this could be through monitoring at the sponsor’s business, loyalty cards, collecting receipts, creating events for your sponsor, surveys, creating vouchers or sales at your club.

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