c) Noise Management

Noise management for clubs is very easy to handle, we all have neighbours and it is of paramount importance that they are informed and catered for if we are to run an event which may inconvenience them. If your event is outdoors the State Environment Protection Policy will come into play and will need to be adhered to, when inside some common courtesy to neighbours and your surround is advised.

Produce flyers with the event start and finishing times, let your neighbours know of what will be on and what to expect. If hand delivered it also serves as an opportunity to invite them to the event and further extend the reach of your club.

If your neighbours are reluctant or want to repel against the event, consider the inventory in the clubs assets. What can be an alternative buy off for the one off event, free weeks membership, a bottle of wine at the club? Or even a meal voucher – all of these options break down barriers and allow your neighbours to become closer to your endeavours. If they know and understand what you are trying to achieve for the community the chance are they will be more likely to work with you.

Undertake minimisation strategies where ever possible, consider temporary barriers if viable. Most simply though work within time frames that will not disrupt or inconvenience people around you. Make sure you have notified police of your event and the running times.

If your event includes music, work within constraints that are not over the top for those nearby.

Event start and finishing times are most important to consider and will impact on the allowances of the council. Noise minimisation strategies and working within these timeframes is important.

If the event is outdoors – check with your state government to ascertain the guidelines which you must conform to. The duration of the event, start and finish times will impact on the requirements of the club. The type of event is also paramount to the restrictions. Typically an acoustic report will be required by a suitably qualified and recommended administrator. This information with a communication strategy and plan of noise management to the local area will also be required in most instances. The steps that would take above in an indoor event will also be required. When well communicated and discussed and considered with your neighbours it should be smooth sailing.

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