l) Top 9 Ways to Recruit a Successful Subcommittee

So your committee has decided that your club wants to run a major event with the view of making some serious money for your club. Where do you start?

Once you have created the objectives for your event (what your club would like to achieve) it is then time to organise a subcommittee.

These are some of the top nine ways to ensure your subcommittee is successful:


1. Recruit a team with a varying skill sets

Recruiting a team of people who have the capacity to ensure your Club’s event is successful is the most integral part of running a successful event. The list of responsibilities involved in running a successful event requires individuals covering a broad range of skillsets. As well as designing and running the event, there are also a range of other challenges including, council licensing and insurance, how to market your event and driving ticket sales.


2. Ensure your subcommittee members are willing to invest the time and expertise required

Major events, regardless of their type, take a significant investment of time by the organising subcommittee. A major issue is when organising committees are unable to meet regularly or members are unable to deliver on their tasks.


3. Ensure there are clear expectations about commitment and dates are set early

Letting committee members know about meetings and other time commitments early allows the individual to either; decide that this is something they will not have time to take part in, or lock in the dates early to ensure they can attend. This also keeps your members positive as they are clear on what is expected.


4. Offer other ways for members to help

Not everybody who will be involved in the planning and delivery of the event needs to be on the organising committee. There are a huge amount of jobs and tasks that will need to be filled and can be allocated to keen helpers.


5. Ensure most subcommittee time is utilised in the planning stage

As mentioned above there are a number of ways members can help you to run your event. In terms of recruiting your subcommittee, their major role will be in the planning of the event and delegation of tasks. This allows members who have limited time but very useful skill sets to help on the committee.


6. Recruit externally when necessary

All of the members of your organising committee do not need to come from your club, they can be recruited externally. This can help your club to recruit members with specialised skill sets that can make difficult, time consuming tasks much easier.


7. Partner with your community

If you are looking at a major event, you may wish to consider partnering with other community groups to help with the work load. This will ensure the members of your subcommittee have a reasonable amount of work and will also draw additional people to your event that may have not otherwise attended.


8. Partner with Local businesses

As with community groups, local business are also often keen to be involved on the committee. This is a great way to recruit specialised skill sets to help you to run your event successfully and professionally.


9. Make use of Position Descriptions

Particularly for larger events, position descriptions are vitally important. Not only do they ensure you recruit the right people for each role but they also ensure that each person understands exactly what tasks they are responsible for. Taking the time to document position descriptions also allows the organising committee to ensure that all tasks have been allocated.