k) Top 9 Sponsorship Proposals with a Difference

Many clubs when creating their sponsorship packages stick with the traditional gold, silver and bronze package with the key components of each level of sponsorship generally relating to signage, uniform branding and maybe some tickets to club functions.  There is nothing wrong with these types of sponsorship packages and there is still a very definite role for them.  The down side to these types of packages is that they generally limit the local businesses that will take them up and also limit the amount of revenue the club can make


With a little creativity clubs can open up a whole new range of sponsorship targets buy taking a little time to think about how your club can create directly to the revenue for the potential sponsor.  Here are nine different types of sponsorship proposals with a difference.


  1. Car dealerships – traditionally if clubs have a car dealership as a sponsor a part of the sponsorship package would be for the dealer to bring cars to the club on competition days for attendees to look at.  Often the cars are left unattended so remain locked to the public, limiting their ability to experience the cars.  Generally today car dealerships in most towns are very attractive buildings, often spectacular so would make a great place for a social function like a cocktail night, trivia night or even presentation night.  The car dealer has a capative audience for a number of hours who wont be able to help but look at the new cars!  The dealer will sell at least one car in the following year to a person who attended that night. Plus a great unique venue for a function.
  2. Local cinema – same concept applies here.  Create an event at the local cinema and invite your players and supporters.  It could be a themed night related to a particular movie, for example you could make it a ladies night, serve champagne and nice finger food and watch a movie like Pretty Women, the Piano or any Hugh Jackman movie.  If you a junior club the movie options are endless and kids love the movies and you could even create a screening season.  Cinemas will be grateful for the business, especially if held during their quite periods.
  3. Dentists – How many clubs have thought of asking the local dentist for sponsorship?  It is a no brainer if you play a contact sport.  Effectively you offer the dentist exclusive rights to come and talk to the players at the start of the season about mouthguards and take bookings for fittings.
  4. Accountants – I can hear you thinking we are now being ridiculous but hear me out.  If you are a club with 17 – 19 then they normally will not have an accountant.  Local accounts would love the opportunity to come and talk to your young players around tax time.  You watch how many simply book an appointment there and then because they don’t know any different.  How many of these players will then stay with that accountant for life?  How much is this worth to the accountant?  Quite a bit I reckon.
  5. Learn to drive schools – while on the theme of young people.  If your club has participants aged between 16 – 19 then you should approach the local driving school for sponsorship.  Maybe invite the parents and kids to an evening on safe driving techniques and watch the driving lesson registrations role in.  Not only is the direct sales to club members valuable to the driving school but more importantly the word of mouth referrals the kids will make if they enjoy their experience.  Again hugely valuable source of referrals to the driving school.
  6. Bowls Club – everybody loves barefoot bowling and it is a great way to engage with all the club stakeholders, players, supporters, sponsors, suppliers, politicians etc. doing a unique social activity.  Bowls clubs are great sponsors of community clubs and research shows that your club is where their next members are coming from. (Research shows that most bowls members are on to their 2nd or 3rd competitive sport when they join their bowls club).
  7. Ladies fashion boutiques – most oval based ball sport clubs look at me in horror when we tell them that stores that sell solely to the ladies are a great sponsorship target.  Again using the “ladies day” concept how about your club run a fashion show and invite all the family and friends of the community to attend.  How valuable is this to the ladies fashion boutiques, not to mention shoe shops, make up and perfume, jewellery shops.
  8. Local supermarket – a couple of options here.  You can offer them the exclusive rights to stock your canteen, which for many clubs is tens of thousands of dollars.  You can also ask your local supermarket to introduce your club to their suppliers who are always looking for new ways to get their products to market.
  9. Choice Sports program – Receive commission every time a member, supporter or player books accommodation with Sports Community sponsor, Choice Hotels.  It is the easiest money in the world to make, all they have to do is to register with the Choice Sports Program and receive a code.  People then use the code when they book their accommodation.  The code gives the user a 15% discount on the room and the club receives a 7% commission.  Simple!! To register for the Choice Sports Program Click here