j) Step 4 – Objective implementation, management and DELIVERY!

Documenting and communicating your plan

It is really important to document your objectives, key activities and implementation plans and combine them into a single document.

Publishing and communicating your goals

Once all the feedback has been received and reviewed, the committee is now in a position to undertake final sign off of the goals (but not necessarily the key activities or implementation plans).

The goals of the Club should then be promoted at every opportunity including a formal announcement to the members and stakeholders, a media release, on the club website and newsletter, on posters/flyers and on social media.

Each time your goals are promoted, also invite people to help.  This means ensuring there is a contact name, number or email address where people can express their interest.

Final planning document

While you may publish the whole plan to your members and stakeholders, it is much more of a management document which should be used monthly by your committee to manage and oversee the implementation of the plan.

Your full plan could also be sent to your local council and included in any major grant or sponsorship applications.


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