i) Top 9 Ways to use Traditional Celebrations to Positively Impact your Club

Traditional celebrations including Christmas, Father’s Day, Grand Final Day and many more, create a unique opportunity for clubs to engage with their members.  Clubs can create events that engage socially, as well as provide annual fundraising income for your club.

These events can become traditions in their own right and can build a strong following for your club year after year.  An additional benefit is the people attending your event with a friend or family member can over time, become interested in being actively involved with your club.

With Mother’s Day as our most recent celebration we have used this as an example of how major celebrations can be linked to events at your club.


  1. Luncheon or Dinner

The options when running a Luncheon or Dinner are endless and can be very profitable.  Some great ideas to draw a crowd to a Luncheon or Dinner include;

–          Inviting a speaker.  In the case of Mother’s Day the speaker could be a survivor of Women’s Cancer or Women’s sportsperson.

–          A “Thank you Mum” dinner in which players and partners take on the catering and serving roles.

–          An acoustic lunch which includes live music.


2.       Day at the Races

This is an action packed fundraiser that can easily be geared towards your female club demographic.  Whether it is a ‘Family Day’ or ‘Women’s Day’ at the races, the chance to dress up and have a social day out is an engaging and exciting idea.

In terms of raising funds, local Turf Clubs are very open to partnering with sports clubs to help promote their race days as well as working to run a “Fashions on the Field” contest.  Race Day fundraising involves significant work in order to achieve a return on the time investment, but the returns in terms of sponsorship revenue can be considerable.

See more at:  http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/day-at-the-races/


3.       Outdoor Cinema Night

A ‘Movie Night’ is a fantastic, family-friendly event that has the potential to be a significant fundraiser for your club, while providing a wonderful evening of entertainment.  To make your event specific for a major celebration, your club can choose an appropriate move for your target demographic.  For example, for Mother’s Day, a movie such as ‘The Notebook’ or a romantic comedy would encourage women associated with your club to attend.

There are many companies specialising in providing the full outdoor cinema experience, making it a very easy event to put together.  This is also the type of event that you can run multiple times to create a “season” of movie screenings and in the process securing your club an ongoing fundraising revenue stream.

See more at:  http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/outdoor-movie-night/


4.       High Tea

This is a great fundraising idea with class and is generally targeted towards your female demographic.  It can be a wonderful opportunity to include multiple generations in the day and involves a genteel afternoon of fine dining with delicious treats, engaging conversation, all over a pot of tea and maybe a glass of bubbly or two.

The ideal venue can be a residential home with garden space, at your club, or off site at a venue that is large enough and offers an atmosphere to complement the food and drink of the day.

See more at: http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/high-tea/


5.       Fashion Show

A fashion parade is an opportunity to gather members from your community, showcase your local sponsors and gain revenue from multiple streams.  It can be very easily adapted to your Mother’s Day celebrations by including a glass of bubbly, cup of tea or advertising the show as ‘Women’s Fashion’.

Clubs can then showcase the latest fashions to a ticketed crowd, hold raffles and set up accessory stalls for merchandise and other product sales, all with a view to generating income for the club.   Although the event will need a number of volunteers to assist, the income can be substantial.

See more at:  http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/fashion-show/


6.       Pamper Day

Everyone likes to be pampered so creating an event to pamper Mums on Mother’s Day for can draw great numbers and be a ‘feel good’ fundraiser.  A pamper day includes activities such as massages, nail painting, skin care, eating and relaxing.  These services can be donated, organised by volunteers at the clubs or in some instances players may want to get involved to help out.

Pamper Days can be held at a home or at the club to maximise revenue or at a day spa or hot springs if revenue is not the focus.


7.       Highlighting Women on Game Day

As well publicised in the media, many events focus on women on Mother’s Day and support the raising of funds to fight Women’s cancers.  By your club highlighting match day as “Women’s Day”, this can draw more or your female members and supporter to the club.  As well as an increase in entrance fees, you can also run other revenue raising activities such as raffles, food and drink stalls or other activities in this list.

Whether funds are raised for your club or for a charity, the day provides an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your female demographic.


8.       Shopping tour

This fundraiser is favorite with the ladies and provides an opportunity to make revenue from ticket sales as well as a percentage of all purchases made on the day.  The day involves Mums and friends being taken on a bus tour of direct factory outlets for a spot of retail therapy.  Your shoppers can also be offered deals by participating outlets, exclusively for your tour party.

Most bus companies run shopping tours and provide an array of outlets to choose from.  Each also usually offers a nominal gift for choosing their company and these gifts are ideal raffle items to run between your shopping stops.  All that’s required is one co-ordinating volunteer.

See more at:  http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/shopping-trips/


9.       Winery tour

In the hills or flats, by the seas or the desert – in every nook or cranny of our vast brown land there lies a winery with goods to be sampled and bought.  Organising a ‘Ladies Winery Tour’ is an attractive event for a fun day out.  With many companies organizing tours it is a relatively easy event to run and only requires the coordination of the people attending.

See more at:  http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/135/