h) Step 2 continued – Goal ownership and task definition

4.    Allocating “ownership” of each goal

Once the committee has agreed on the final goals (and potentially key activities) of the Club, it must then allocate responsibility for their planning and delivery.  This may be to an individual, a sub committee or third party.  Your club may also choose to delegated the responsibility of finalising the key activities to those responsible for delivering the objective as they may be better placed to make this determination.

When seeking volunteers for each goal it is important that they understand the time likely to be required.


5.    Strategy and task definition

Once goals have been delegated the first task for these groups is to undertake a planning process of their own to identify, at a very detailed level, what are the steps required (key activities and implementation plan) to deliver the goal or key activity.

The implementation plan should identify each individual step, who should do it and by when.  The planning process should also identify any related costs (you may need to prepare a budget) and any associated risks.


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