f) Top 9 Tips on Making Photos Work for your Club

No matter how old we are or who we are, we all love to see ourselves in photos, particularly if it is of us doing something interesting like playing sport or barracking for our family and friends playing sport.

From a club perspective because we love seeing photos much we should take a little time to consider how we can use photos to help us achieve or club goals.  Here are our Top 9 tips on how your club can maximise the value of its photos.


Tip 1:   Nominate an “official” photographer – The first step in maximising the value of photos to your club is to ensure that each week you actually have somebody taking photos and even more importantly passing the photos back to the club. If you don’t have anybody in your club with high end cameras don’t worry, just about every smart phone on the market now takes a great photo, so just start taking photos.  Make sure you are taking photos of not only the players but also the volunteers, coaches and support staff umpires and officials and most importantly your clubs spectators and fans.


Tip 2:   Create a photo archive – Have a place to store the photos taken each week.  Your club website is a great place to start but you will probably collect more photos than is practical to show each week on your website so you need to look at a photo archiving service to store and manage.  There are sensational and very cheap (free in many instances) photo management websites clubs should consider including www.flickr.com, www.picasa.google.com, www.photobucket.com and www.phanfare.com. It is not OK to store your club photos on someone’s computer because when that person leaves often this loses the photos for ever.


Tip 3:  Use lots of photos on the club website – Your club website should be the central storage location for all club information and especially the week’s best photos.  If you are regularly updating your website with the best photo then this will drive traffic to your site which is very valuable!


Tip 4: Social Media – Photos are great to use in your clubs social media because people will continually share them around their family and friends.  This goes back to the theory that everybody, well almost everybody, loves to be in photos.  Using content that is shareable like photos ensures that your social media platforms will be very popular and closely followed and watched by not just your players, their friends and family but by the broader community including past players who are no longer involved in the club but still want to follow it closely.


Tip 5 – Use in all media releases – clubs are often frustrated by the fact they can’t get their stories into the local media.  A great way to increase the probability of getting clubs stories into the local media is to make sure that all media releases are accompanied by a good photo that relates to the story. Make sure you also include great quotes about the story in your media release to further increase the value of the media release to the media outlet.


Tip 6 – Club newsletter – make sure you use heaps of photos in your club newsletter as well.  Not only will the readers love your newsletter but photos will encourage readers to share the newsletter with their family and friends which is great for the club as it promotes the club to a wider audience.


Tip 7 – Fundraising – year books-  using photos in your clubs fund raising strategy is a very easy way to generate often significant amount of funds for your club, while at the same time capturing and retaining the history of your club.  Items such as photo year books are very easy to create online using great services such as Momento Photo Books (http://sportscommunity.com.au/directory/ads/momento/). These are fantastic because not only will every player want to keep a record of their year but they also make fantastic gifts for those family members who have everything.

Tip 8 – fundraising – playing cards – Another great fundraising idea for junior clubs is to create a set of trading cards featuring the players from each team.  The kids love them and again they make brilliant gifts for family members, significantly increasing the number of sales you will make.


Tip 9 – History – Capturing and retaining your clubs history is vital for clubs so retaining club photos is a fantastic way of doing this.  Those clubs who have an archive of photos from 20, 30, 50 and even 100 years ago are much better placed to be able to retell the stories and history of the clubs past.



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