d) Traffic Management

If your event is of a size that is going to draw significant crowd and vehicles a traffic management plan is worthwhile. Consider how many attendees are expected, calculate the amount of vehicles you may expect. Allocate areas that can be used for parking, consider the ground conditions and potential of flooding in the area (no fun towing 15 bogged cars out of a muddy paddock)

At each turning point organise signage and the presence of volunteer staff to help direct vehicles. Consider the foot traffic from vehicles to and from the event, plan, mark out and separate walkways. Signage on walkways and volunteers posted to direct patrons the right direction costs little and is a great way to minimise risk, officially welcome and thank your patrons on arrival and departure.

Traffic management plans with directions and communications of parking plans will be required. Staffed and communicated well to volunteers and patrons means patrons can arrive and depart smoothly. Directional street signage on the day will need to be placed at turning points, Parking co-ordinators and volunteers will assist in this being accomplished.
The traffic management pre event & post procedures will differ and need to account for the traffic flow considerations and complications of impact on local traffic and intersections. Parking area co-ordinators can be utilised post event to direct and help ensure the flow of traffic is minimal if it is predicted that crowds will leave enmasse at the same time.

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