e) Understanding the ‘funneling’ effect of Sports Participation

Generally for most sports clubs there is a large pool of members in the early ages (school age) with a continual attrition over time, particularly post school years.  The report indicates the following age based club membership profile:

  • 52% of children age 5-13 were members of clubs
  • 44% 14-17 year olds
  • Between 13%-17% for those aged between 30-65

Although there is an expectation that club membership would fall as participants were confronted with competition from other areas for their time “there is a strong indication from the research that clubs‟ attitudes and behaviours leading to preferential treatment for more talented or dedicated members, in conjunction with their emphasis on competition and performance, exacerbates the funnelling effect” Essentially, what the clubs need and offer as they search for the better athletes, does not align with what individuals are necessarily looking for.

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