b) Why do clubs seek sponsors?

The answer is generally that clubs seek sponsors for to gain funds to either reduce the costs of the sport or help your club achieve its goals. These goals are often based around competition success.

The question which is rarely asked is “who gets the benefit of club sponsorships?” Who benefits most from reduced costs or achieving club goals?

While the answer can be quite broad, as many groups within the community benefit from “successful” and sustainable sporting clubs, the group who benefits most are the current players and members.

So thinking about this logically, the Sponsorship Co-ordinator is doing all the work attracting and retaining sponsors for which every other player and member gets a benefit.

If every member gets a benefit, shouldn’t every member then have a part to play in attracting and retaining club sponsors? Absolutely

Traditional ways of acquiring sponsorship do work and have worked for generations but there are a number of ways that clubs can minimise effort, increase efficiency and sponsorship income.

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Relationships are the key

When approaching a potential sponsor relationships are the key and this is true on a number of levels.

If the person approaching the potential sponsor already has a relationship with the company or business the likelihood of gaining the sponsorship increases.  This extends to players and “Player Sponsors”.  Setting an expectation that players approach one sponsor and introduce them to the club is a great way to ensure the work is shared.  Players can secure a “Player Sponsor” for $50 or $100 and the sponsorship coordinator is then responsible for growing these relationships.

This may initially be challenging to introduce at the club but through positive reinforcement and the building of a supportive and positive team culture this becomes part of the expectation when joining the club.

Securing a sponsor at a lower value package is also a great idea as it allows for the club to build a strong relationship with the business or company over time and in turn increase the ability for the club to create value for the sponsor.  This additional value means that the clubs can approach the sponsor to increase their sponsorship to include the more valuable inclusions.

By engaging their members and players to do the “cold calling” on behalf of the club to their friends and family means that the time of the Sponsorship Co-ordinator and committee can be spent on tasks which immediately add the most value, for example maintaining relationships with and resigning sponsors.


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