i) The Power of Pictures

“A picture tells a thousand words”

We are living in a visual age. Photo sharing social media applications are getting more popular with tools such as Instagram and Pinterest having hundreds of millions registered users and growing exponentially by the day. The two major players in the marketplace are Instagram and Pinterest although a third player is emerging – www.infogr.am – a tool that allows users to create info graphics, a combination of both photos and words.


Instagram allows users to upload pictures, apply special effects filters to the pictures to give them a professional look and share them with other registered users or on other social media like facebook and twitter.

Instagram is an ideal tool for clubs to use in the marketing and promotion strategies as much of what happens in club land can be captured in pictures: play of the day, team photos, special events, club legends, volunteer shots and the list goes on.

Registered users can like or comment on shared photos and in the process build a sense of belonging with your club.

For basic information on how to use Instagram http://help.instagram.com/ or http://mashable.com/2012/05/29/instagram-for-beginners/

Fig 9.1 Mebourne Storm using Instagram on Facebook


Pinterest allows users to pin photos and videos to their own personal pin board and share them with followers. Again, clubs could use Pinterest to build a sense of belonging amongst their community by sharing club photos and videos. For more information on how to use Pinterest http://about.pinterest.com/basics/

Fig 9.2 Netball Australia on Pinterest

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