d) Communication Processes for Marketing & Promotion

So far we have covered “understanding the sports fan” and discovered that the sense of belonging is a powerful motivator; we have also identified our stakeholders and ways to keep data on them. Another integral part of a successful marketing and promotion plan is to understand what tools and methods are available for marketing and promotions communications.

Marketing and promotions communications can be broken down into tools and methods or the platforms upon which communications are delivered and the delivery method.

Fig 4.1 Club Communication


Further Marketing & Promotions Information

a) Understanding the DNA of a Sports Fan
b) Identifying your Stakeholders
c) The Importance of Databases
d) Communication Processes for Marketing & Promotion
e) Communication Processes in Detail 
f) Digital Communication

g) Facebook
h) Twitter
i) The Power of Pictures
j) Video Sharing
k) Updating all your Social Media at once
Successful Marketing and Promotions for clubs

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