Purchase FAQ

Previewing your item

To preview an item simply click on the blue highlighted text or the item picture

Purchasing your item

If you decide to purchase an item, simply hit the “add to cart” button of the item you would like to purchase


and then the “view cart” button


You will then get a message telling you the item has been added to your cart with an option to view your cart.

You will then need to fill out the required information to complete your purchase and create your store account.

Confirmation of your purchase

You should receive an order confirmation after purchasing an item. Please contact us at clubsupport@sportscommunity.com.au if you have not received one.The order confirmation will contain links to your purchased products. You will need to be logged in to access your purchased products so make sure your login information is committed to memory or stored where you can access it easy.

Once you have paid, you will go to a checkout page where you are given order confirmation details and from where you can immediately access your course by moving down the page and clicking on the “View Course” button, if you have purchased an eBook, there will be a link from where you can download your ebook.


For access to your items after the initial purchase

Step 1: Go to our website at www.sportscommunity.com.au

Step 2: Login via the login button under the “Store” menu item.

Step 3: Enter your login details (contact us if you don’t have them)

Step 4: Once logged in, you will be taken to your account page where you can view the products you have ordered, view your orders by clicking on the view button

recent orders
This will then take you to the order details page where you will see details of your purchase. If you have purchased an online course you will find the link to the course at the bottom of that page at the “View Course” button

Click on that view course button and you will be taken to your course
Once you are at your course page you can access any of the course modules by clicking on their links (the blue coloured writing)

Contact us and feedback

Please do not hesitate to contact us at clubsupport@sportscommunity.com.au with your questions as we are committed to making sure you get value out of your purchased items. And please send us your feedback on how we can improve our courses so we can provide the very best products we can for your benefit.