Peak Sporting Bodies

Sports Community is the premier provider of training to the volunteers of grass roots sporting clubs in Australia.  We have developed over 25 different sessions which we have delivered in over 250 sessions around Australia. (July 2013 and April 2015).

Over the journey, we have formed close working relationships with peak sporting bodies such as Bowls Victoria, Cricket Australia, Netball Vic, Dragonboat racing NSW, AFL VIC to name a few. And as a result of the relationship we received regular feedback on the need for staff development training.

Traditionally club development staff focused on sport development generally working with clubs to recruit players, promote their sports, train coaches and co-ordinate the entry level competitions into the elite pathway.

Today these same staff are being asked more and more, by both the clubs and their sport to assist and support volunteers in the management, governance and general running of their clubs.

For many of the club development staff these are new skills so to support them Sports Community have developed a 10 series staff development training program that covers the fundamentals of club management and governance and importantly covers these topics from the Peak sporting bodies perspective of delivering into clubs.

Session recordings

Recordings of each session will be made available within 48 hours of the session so if for any reason staff are unavailable to attend the live session staff will be able to watch the session recording when convenient.

The session recordings allow staff to go back over the sessions so they can review and reflect on the content.

Group forum

The webinar series will be supported by an online forum where attendees can continue to network and exchange ideas between sessions.  This also creates a location for discussions to take place after people have had time to reflect on each of the sessions.

All questions raised through the session will be answered in detail on the forum.

For further information about the program click here or call:

Pamela Irvine
Community Partnership Manager
03 59 73 6404