How to join a webinar?

Step 1 – Test Your Connection

Test your connection to ensure your technology works by going to (copy and paste this link into the address bar of your browser and press return) or click here

You will see a external protocol launch box appear – Click the LAUNCH APPLICATION box

gototraininglaunchprotocolYour computer will begin downloading the webinar software

gototraining launch protocol 2

Once your computer has loaded the software you will see the Connection test box appear. Click on the “Test your sound” link

goto training test connection

When you have clicked on the “Test your sound” link you will see a dialog box that allows you to check many aspects of your webinar experience including your audio and webcam and you can test your connection as well. If your devices microphone is set up you should see the level indicator under the “Microphone Setup” section move when you speak. And you should be able to hear the sound when you click on the “Play Sound” button under the “Speaker Setup” section.

Please note, it is NOT essential that you have a working webcam unless you want everyone in the training session to see your face. Most people prefer to remain unseen visually. You do not to have a working microphone as the webinar software provides a Chat function that allows you to ask questions of the presenter by typing them and you can even talk to others in the training session in the same manner and you can choose for your conversation to be public so all may see or to be private shared only with another individual or group of individuals.

goto training test connection 1If you don’t see the levels move when you speak or hear the sound when you click on the “Play Sound” button then it is likely you do not have the right microphone and speaker devices selected. Click on the select bar to see the devices available and try another device (see below)
goto training test connection 2


If you cannot connect, go to the following page to troubleshoot your problem Click Here If you are still having troubles then contact us at

Step 2 – Joining your webinar

To join a webinar is simple. When you registered you would have received a confirmation email that contains a join button. Keep this email safe, it will be sent 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar you have registered for. Simply hit the join button on the email when it is time to join the webinar. If you cannot find the confirmation email, check your junk mail. If you cannot locate it contact us at to have it resent.


Email confirmation

goto training email confirmation 6goto training email confirmation 3

When you have clicked the “Join” button your computer will begin to download the webinar software. If you are presented with an External Protocol Request dialog box simply click on the “Launch application” button, otherwise your ID will be verified and when all the checks are done you will see the webinar software appear.

gototraining connected panel

There are many settings you can tweak (just click on the “+” symbol to expand the settings and see all the options and the “-” to contract. You can perform a sound check by expanding the “Audio” section (see above) and turn your webinar on and off in the “webcam and video” box. You can also adjust your settings by clicking on the “File” menu item at the top of the dialog box and choosing preferences.

But by far the most important setting is the “Chat” function at the bottom as it is here where you will type in any questions you may have for the presenter and you can also chat with your fellow trainees or the entire audience. Let us expand the chat section by clicking on the “+”


If you have any questions try to get them answered before the webinar date. All our webinars will have technical staff in attendance 30 mins prior to the webinar start so you do have the opportunity to join the training session early and iron out any technical difficulties with the help of our technical staff before the webinar starts.


Sit back and enjoy the experience

We want you to have the best webinar experience you can so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better. We will have technical staff and a host as well as the presenter at all our webinars to help make your online experience a worthwhile one.

Remember – Our technical staff open all webinars 30 mins before start time to allow for anyone to join and test their connections and get help they need to.

Quick Question and Answer

Q. Do I need an external microphone or headphones for a webinar?
A. No, your computer’s microphone and speakers are fine.

Q. Can I test my connection before the webinar?
A. Yes. See Step 1 above.

Q. Will a recorded version of the session be available in case my connection drops out or I can’t make the session?
A. As long as you have registered and paid you will have access to a recorded session 48 hours after the event.

Q. I am experiencing lag on my computer and the screen freezes.
A. Shut down everything on your computer including open browsers and background applications