Ticketing and Cash Management


The allocation and pricing of your tickets to events and also for game day events offer viable differentiation of your product to generate further funds. Your clubs ticketing is a sponsorship asset & revenue stream. When pre-sold, offers a crowd estimation tool, positive cash-flow tool to fund your event and ultimately is an incentive for patrons to attend.  Each entry point transaction can help you market to your patrons in specific targeted ways.

Ticket sales can be generated either onsite within your club or be outsourced. If outsourcing, MoshTix and other such companies offer a viable alternative and easy system to handle larger numbers of patrons. These system also allow for events that need to appeal to a wider market via technological driven corners of the market and social media.

If run in house, by the club, sales over the bar or via an allocation form are the easiest methods to ensure pre-sales and gain earlier access to funds to aid in the staging of the event. Particularly with the costs which may come prior to the event. Club sales will require the club to keep separate records and floats for tickets, in essence you will be best to keep event funds separate to the daily running of the club to ensure that ticketing success and attendance is measurable. A financial measurement on the success.

With ticket sales on the day ensure you have receipts and records to maintain transparency of operation and guard from theft and insecurities. Unless you can have a trace of records and money things become easy to manipulate. It can be electronic or paper depending on the clubs resources but whatever it is it needs to be accountable. Cash floats, pre printed tickets and a reliable system that accounts for entrants and collection is required. A door prize raffle is a great way of recording this information alongside the event itself.

Cash Management

Collecting, reconciling and storing cash collected during an event is always critical. Clubs are often easy targets for theft if poor record keeping is utilised. As stated previously a trace of paper or electronic records should be part of every process. Making people accountable but also giving the club a measurable point of reference.

EFTPOS as an option and automated tills and order systems allow for great measurement and performance review but critically guard clubs from theft. Have a designated person/persons that will sell, collect and record each purchase of raffle tickets and entry tickets. With cross references record check be it from electronic till or from tickets issued you can trace and account for each entry. Whilst many clubs will have people within the club that are trusted and well respected, it needs to be remembered that the process of record keeping is critical to every business and that it is not about a trusting or not trusting people but purely about ensuring the club is in the safest position.

Cash will need to be collected, reconciled and stored during the event, to ensure the security and output is optimum and pay careful attention to the staff in charge of this role. Mobile EFTPOS facilities, if available, may be worthwhile to capitalise on spontaneous sales of merchandise, memberships and future events sold on the day. If you have ticket prices in the upper echelon this will also remove a barrier to commitment from your buyers mind. The ability of clubs to cater for each corner of the market and also be flexible with receipt of the money is advantageous. The costs of the use of such technology and convenience for patrons also needs to be accounted for.


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