Supplier/Sponsor meetings

Sponsor meetings are held at least annually but usually quarterly and Sponsors shall be notified of all Sponsor Meetings. Sponsors are entitled (and encouraged) to attend and participate in Sponsors’ Meetings with the power to move, discuss and vote on matters properly presented before such meeting. Sponsors may provide suggestions for the operation and administration of the Club. Sponsors may propose amendments to current Club policy or the draft of a new policy at a regularly scheduled Sponsors’ Meeting.  Sponsor meetings play an important role in the club’s communication.

Responsibilities and Duties

An effective Sponsor/Supplier Meeting should consist of the following:

Leadership & Cultural Change

  • Evolving internal cultures from a product to a customer focus
  • Building marketing as the perceived “growth” engine of the corporation
  • Harnessing focused and disciplined innovation

Marketing/Brand Value

  • Justifying marketing expense in a climate of cost cutting
  • Using consumer positioning discipline to achieve low/no cost share gains
  • Revenue driving rebranding due to organizational change or acquisitions
  • Making the case for brand “investment” vs. expense

Customer Insights and Relationship

  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Making customer insights actionable over disparate sources and time periods
  • Hidden sources for customer insights in the selling/delivery/servicing process
  • Harvesting opportunity in “bottom 80%” of customer list

Marketing Communications

  • Social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube), brand “consistency” and profitability
  • Digital media to enhance customer relations and hone corporate thought leadership
  • Leveraging the agency relationship and managing media bias
  • Allocation for “testing” vs. “tried and true” to leverage change

Product Management & Launch

  • Overcome technical/engineering bias in the product development process
  • Objective measures for customer needs and satisfaction
  • Creating product differentiation without attribute or pricing advantage