Sub Committees

Sub committees assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the Committee has established a number of sub committees to which the president appoints committee members. Sub-committees operate principally in a review or advisory capacity (except where powers are expressly conferred on or delegated to a sub committee by the Committee).

Responsibilities and Duties

Executive Deals with specific Committee referrals, succession and urgent matters between Committee meetings.

Club Monitors the Club’s membership policies and arrangements and oversees compliance with the rules set out in the Club’s constitution.

Finance and Audit oversees the Club’s accounting and reporting practices including effectiveness of accounting and internal control systems, management reporting and compliance with policy, regulatory and legal requirements. Also reviews risk and evaluates procedures, the scope and quality of audit practices and oversees and monitors IT performance.

Ground Reviews and monitors the Club’s ground management operations including management of the MCG and outside grounds, commercial relationships, buildings, facilities, events, human resources and occupational health and safety matters.

Other Committee Responsibilities the Committee aims to ensure that members are informed of all major developments affecting the Club. Information is communicated to members as follows:

  • An annual report is made available to all members, either via post or electronically. It includes relevant information about the operations of the Club and details of future developments, in addition to other disclosures required by the Club’s rules and policies or by law.
  • Regular emails are broadcast to those members who have submitted their email address to the Club
  • The club communicates with members on Facebook and Twitter social networking sites