a) Raising Significant Funds to Improve your Facilties – Where to Start

The idea of improved facilities for your club is often a hot topic among members and potentially an extremely positive step in your clubs future growth.

Where do I start?

As a club administrator/volunteer, this can be an overwhelming responsibility.  Before undertaking this journey it is important to understand some key concepts.  These concepts are not to discourage your club, but to ensure that you have the support you need to ensure a positive outcome for your club.  These concepts are discussed in detail in the steps below.

  1. Your club will need a clear vision of what it is trying to achieve.  Your Committee will need to take ownership of this vision to ensure it goes the distance.
  2. You and your team will require a significant amount of time and effort to prove the need for the redevelopment.
  3. The process to gain support will be a very time consuming and political process.
  4. Your club will need to win support for the development from the community, local, state and most likely federal government.
  5. Your club will need to win support from your local, state and most likely national sporting body.
  6. Depending on your council, you may be required to generate cash to contribute to the development.  (It is always in your best interest to do this.)
  7. This will be a long term project for your club, sometimes taking a minimum of 3 years but more likely 5 or more years.


Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Vision
Step 2 – Create a Business Case 
Step 3 – Start the Process
Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds & Public Awareness
Step 5 – Council Action
Step 6 – Club Fundraising
Step 7 – Request for Tenders