The majority of events that clubs use will encompass raffles of some variation. Raffles are classified as a lottery and lottery rules apply to them. A fee will be applicable depending on each state and the size of the raffle. To check state-based information click on your states link in the Gambling section of this website.

Information to be included on Raffle Tickets

Lottery/Raffle draws will in some instances require printing standards and notification details. Most likely you will be required print the following information on your raffle/lottery tickets:

1. Ticket Number;

2. The ticket price;

3. The name and address of the permit holder; and

4. The name of the club, association or body who will benefit from the proceeds of the raffle

5. The number of the permit; and

6. A full list of prizes including the nature and retail value, of each prize

7. Any conditions attached to prizes

8. The closing date, date and time of drawing if that differs from the closing date

9. Where and when the results will be published or how and when winners will be advised.

10. If a prize involves travel, full details of all conditions must be included on the ticket including any travel terms and conditions.

Minor variations occur for each state, again check directly with your states regulator to ensure compliance. Minor prizes can avoid these regulations and need to be considered in line with the objectives of the event for your club.