d) Membership Categories

Membership types vary markedly between sports and especially between levels of competition. Local clubs do not charge entry so their membership structure and packages will differ from higher level leagues where entry is charged. At the higher level, membership is sold to cover the entry fee as well as priority access to finals games and club functions.

Generally membership can be split between playing/non-playing and voting rights/non voting. Categories include:


Juniors/Seniors/Veterans (both sexes) – are the classic membership categories for most clubs. Variations include sub-juniors, over 40’s, student, special needs and family packages.


  • General public – for non playing folks who want to be a financial contributor to their club and enjoy privileges such as priority seating and entry to club functions. Typically divided into junior, adult and concession categories.
  • Past players – players that have played and participated in your club in the past. The category is designed to incorporate those still interested in being a part of the club and having access to its facilities.
  • Gameday/limited games – Designed to offer free attendance to a particular game or series of games, often to entice a sponsor to watch the game, or to entice new followers.
  • Coterie groups – are special interest groups within the member base, might be past premiership players, ladys group, business men – essentially members who share an interest away from the main membership focus – this group then has their own privileges and events to further assist the club. Quite popular in larger clubs.
  • Interstate/country memberships – applies to the major clubs only. Designed to give those who live distances away from the club to still maintain a relationship with it.
  • Pet memberships  – some clubs offer special membership for furry friends, mainly as an enticement to sign up the owners.

Further Membership Information

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d) Membership Categories

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