Liquor Licensing

A community club licence which has its principal activity as that of a community group. Is the applicable license for local clubs in QLD. This licence may only be granted to a non-proprietary club such as a sporting club, RSL club or ethnic club. The Liquor Act 1992 defines a non-proprietary club as an association where any income, profits and assets are used only to promote its objects, and are not distributed to its members.

Community club licences may only be held by incorporated associations, or unincorporated associations with an individual to hold the licence on their behalf. Upon incorporation, the licence must be transferred from the individual to the club within three months.

Trading hours

You may apply to allow trading between 7 am and 9 am if the sport of the club is one prescribed in a regulation (lawn bowls or golf) or if a community need can be demonstrated.
You may also apply to trade between 9 am and 10 am if a community need can be demonstrated.

Trading conditions

You may sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises to:

  • Members of the club
  • Members of clubs with formal reciprocal rights
  • Visitors authorised by the management committee playing a sport that is part of the club’s business, including teams and officials, for the day on which the sport is played only.

You may sell liquor for consumption on the premises only to:

  • A guest of a member
  • A guest of a member of a club with formal reciprocal rights
  • An applicant for membership for 30 days after receipt of application
  • An interstate or overseas visitor
  • A visitor who resides at least 15 km from the club
  • A person attending a function on the premises.   No takeaway sales are permitted to people in these categories.

A register of members and a register of all visitors to the club (except minors and visiting players) must be maintained, and be available for inspection at the premises at any time.

Additional privileges

The Chief Executive may also approve any of the following privileges for a club licence:

  • Approval for extended hours before 10 am or after 12 midnight
  • For sporting clubs only, approval to sell liquor on the club’s sporting field
  • For golf clubs only, approval to operate a mobile refreshment vehicle on the course •approval to serve alcohol on other premises.   A separate application is required in each instance.

If you hold a community club licence, you may also lodge an application with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation for a licence to operate gaming machines.

Community club and community other licence

If the service or supply of liquor is provided only by volunteers, you must ensure that there is a person with current responsible service of alcohol training on the premises to supervise the volunteer staff.

Liquor may be sold to a person attending a function or club activity, other than the purpose of the club, on the premises for consumption on the premises, only for the duration of that activity.

For example, a club activity may include a football club conducting:

  • A stage show or concert
  • A Melbourne Cup party or
  • Bingo (conducted by the club).   These activities do not relate to the main business of the club which is the promotion of the game of football.

Club reciprocity

Reciprocity must be formalised by:

  • A written offer and acceptance between associations or
  • Formally joining an industry reciprocity group managed by a lead industry association which has been approved by the chief executive.   Reciprocity arrangements do not extend to honorary or temporary members.

Visitors register (signing requirements)

In addition to those visitors exempted by the Act, persons attending a private function at the club, e.g. wedding, 21st birthday, are not required to sign the club visitors register, while they continue to attend the function and remain in that area.
Subject to the requirements of any other legislation, visitors registers will be required to be kept on the premises for a period of three financial years, being the current and two previous years


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