h) Step 7 – Request for Tenders

Once your Council has secured funding, it will seek tenders or quotes from qualified trades people to build the facilities.

The Council will then continue to oversee the development and ensure it is successfully completed.  If there are any concerns during this time they can be directed to your Council.


In kind contributions

Many clubs seek to use the services of their members in an attempt to reduce the amount of funds needed to undertake the project.

In kind contributions can be difficult to co-ordinate and if they are used, need to be done through a tendering tradesmen who includes the in kind work as part of their tender.

The council will not directly carry the risk of the club contributing the in kind support.



Once your redevelopment is complete your club has reached an important goal in their growth and can be acknowledged and celebrated!  Moving forward, the council/private owner will continue to work together to maintain the value of the asset.


Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Vision
Step 2 – Create a Business Case 
Step 3 – Start the Process
Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds & Public Awareness
Step 5 – Council Action
Step 6 – Club Fundraising
Step 7 – Request for Tenders