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What is CareMonkey?

CareMonkey is an online program used to collect and maintain medical information, emergency contacts and permission forms from members and employees.  The process of collecting the information is automated, enabling organisations to easily follow up and remind members, so administrators no longer have to do it manually.

There is also the ability to report injuries directly onto the system, meaning there is no longer a need for paper injury report forms.

This information is then instantly available to authorised carers such as supervisors, teachers and coaches via smart-phones and tablets.


What are the benefits of using CareMonkey?

CareMonkey has two main functions to help clubs and organisations with their risk management administration:

  1. To collect and maintain medical information that is easily accessible by officials when it is needed.
  2. Instant injury reporting via mobile phones and tablets.


Storing and accessing important medical information:

Whether it’s a practice session, a competition, or a social event, accidents can happen.  CareMonkey allows you to keep emergency details up to date, ensuring first responders know exactly what to do and whom to call.  The system allows clubs and organisations to:

  • Easily create customised electronic forms to request responses from participants for media rights, code of conduct agreements, permission forms for competitions, and so much more.
  • Send out reminders automatically at a frequency specified by the organisation.  This means administrators no longer have to chase people up for missing forms.
  • Safely share the details that matter in emergencies such as, emergency contacts, allergies, asthma plans, emergency instructions, etc.
  • Reduce lost time and medical errors during emergencies as CareMonkey ensures coaches and trainers know exactly what to do and whom to call in an emergency.
  • Instantly access to up to date information as CareMonkey prompts participants to keep their information updated and relevant.


CareMonkey Mobile Injury Reporting:

The CareMonkey System also allows for coaches and administrators to instantly report injuries.  The benefits include the ability to:

  • Instantly log injuries on a mobile phone at time of incident.
  • Instantly access the injury reports as they are entered.
  • Keep track of participants’ return dates.
  • Track and report on injuries across sport, leagues and clubs
  • No longer use paper forms, or need to copy or enter data.


How much does it cost?

For clubs, CareMonkey starts as low as two dollars per member for the year.


How to register

If CareMonkey sounds like a program your club, association or business is interested in learning more about or to make an inquiry, click here to contact the CareMonkey team.


Who is using CareMonkey?

CareMonkey is being used by many schools, clubs and businesses.  Here is some feedback from administrators currently using the program:

Steve Blunt, Club President, Victorian Seals

“CareMonkey gives us an ability to have important medical information instantly available on a mobile device, as and when it is required. Last season, one of our players sustained a significant injury, which highlighted just how important it is to be ready for an emergency at any given time.”

Chris Harrisons, CEO, Water Polo Australia

“CareMonkey is going to provide an easy to use database and communication tool that integrates perfectly with our existing national database. It will assist our team managers in communicating and keeping confidential medical records on all portable devices with the added benefit of being able to use it and access data offline.”

Glen Bertoli, Sports Trainer & Coordinator, from Waverley Oakleigh Panthers

“It now takes me a few minutes to complete an injury report. I really enjoy it that I can do it on the spot at the game, and then I know it’s done.”

Geoff Todd, NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator

“When we raised the subject of ‘injury reporting’, the CareMonkey team went straight to work and were able to customise our existing reporting system and integrate it into the players CareMonkey care profile, consequently building the player’s history of injury and at the same time alerting parents and caregivers with specific information to assist with the player’s care.”

 To learn more, click here.