g) Step 6 – Club Fundraising

Once your redevelopment has been allocated by Council as a priority, it is important to have your club fundraising go into overdrive.  In your discussions with your Council it is important to agree on an expected figure for your club to raise.

Not only should your club continue their fundraising events (click here to see over 80 fundraising and procedures http://howtofundraise.com.au/ but they should also strongly consider:


Philanthropic Trusts

These are foundations and trusts that provide monetary gifts to not-for-profit organisations for specific purposes.  Some great foundations include, but not limited to, the Pratt Foundation and the Ian Potter Foundation.

Your club can research additional grants and apply for these to aid in your fund raising.  (Click here for information on all the latest grants open around the country http://grantsandfunding.com.au/ )


Australian Sports Foundation

In simple terms, clubs can register their project with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Once your project is accepted by the Australian Sports Foundation, individuals can then make donations to ASF and at the same time nominate your club project as their preferred beneficiary.

Importantly donations to ASF are tax deductible to the individual so this for many clubs can be a very important part of their fund raising strategy.

For further information on the Australian Sports Foundation click http://howtofundraise.com.au/fundraiser/australian-sports-foundation-2/ )


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Step 6 – Club Fundraising
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