f) Step 5 – Council Action

Once your project becomes a Council priority then Council will begin to take control of the development process.

Your council may undertake a number of formal activities.  These may include:

  • Feasibility study – This is a study that investigates the positive and negative outcomes of the project, taking into account a number of factors including legal, economic and technological, before investing too much time and money. 
  • Facility Master Plan – This is a plan that defines the future development of the facility over a number of years.  It is important to be aware of this plan as if your vision fits into this plan it can be easier to move the redevelopment forward.  If your vision does not fit into the current plan you will need to address this and will need to justify why it should be changed.  For example, if the current plan includes another venue on the land you had planned to use, discussing the possibility of moving the venue to another location within the plan is necessary.
  • Architectural drawings – These are scale drawings of the proposed buildings.


Council will also start to develop the funding strategy which may include:

  • Allocating funds in one or more upcoming budgets.
  • Identifying and applying for multiple state and federal government grants.  Grants are funds given for a project that are not expected to be repaid.


Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Vision
Step 2 – Create a Business Case 
Step 3 – Start the Process
Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds & Public Awareness
Step 5 – Council Action
Step 6 – Club Fundraising
Step 7 – Request for Tenders