e) Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds and Public Awareness

Once you have started the process with your Council, you can continue to work towards having your club’s redevelopment bumped up their list of priorities.

There are two important things that can change councils thinking about your project and improve its priority against other competing projects.  These activities can be crucial for your projects success.  They are:

  1. Raising public awareness for your project to garner strong public support.
  2. Starting to raise funds for your project.


Raising public awareness and support

Your Council is in place to deliver on the needs of your local community.  If you gather enough community support, this will have a very positive effect in regards to the council’s view of your project.  An extensive and long term media strategy that builds awareness and proves community support is vital.

Remember, Councillors are elected public officials so if you get enough public support, Councillors will want to be seen to be strongly advocating your project as it is both good for the community and also good for their chances of re-election.  This is also the same for your local State and Federal members of Parliament.


Fund Raising

As previously mentioned raising funds is vitally important as it:

  • Show your clubs commitment to its vision.
  • Demonstrates your club’s ability to assist in the funding of different stages of the project.
  • Is a great way to get the community involved in your club’s project.  Nothing shows community support more than a great community turn out to a fundraiser!
  • Provides a great opportunity for content for your media strategy.  Local media will love it and plenty can also be used on social media.


One important point to remember:

Never ever get into conflict with Council over the priority of your redevelopment, especially in the media.


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Step 2 – Create a Business Case 
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Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds & Public Awareness
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