d) Step 3 – Start the Process

Once you have your competed steps one and two, your club is ready to start what will be a long and potentially frustrating journey to achieve it’s vision.

The next step involves formally approaching your Council, as well as State and Federal politicians with your vision, as this where most of the funding will come from.  It can be very beneficial, if possible, to have a representative from your State sporting body at these meetings as it shows a strong united approach.

Having a strong, documented business plan creates credibility for your club and shows that you have seriously considered the redevelopment to justify its expense and value to the community.


Approaching Council

Your primary objective is to have your redevelopment become a priority for council.  There are two ways this can happen:

  • The Sport and Recreation Department of the Council can propose to Councillors that the redevelopment becomes a priority and is included in upcoming budgets.
  • Councillors can determine that the redevelopment is a priority for the community and instructs that it be included in upcoming budgets.

From prior informal contact with your Council, you will most probably have a contact within the Sport and Recreation team.  This is the team to approach to set up a meeting to formally discuss your club’s plans.


Approaching the State and Federal Government

At the same time as introducing your vision to local council your club should also take its vision to your local state or territory member of parliament as well as your Federal Member.  This contact information can be found by Googling your area’s local and federal members of parliament.


After contacting the Government

Once you have spoken to all levels of government it is time to review your progress so far.  It is rare that your redevelopment will go to the top of the Council’s priorities straight away, as often their large redevelopment priorities have been determined well in advance, often years in advance.


Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Vision
Step 2 – Create a Business Case 
Step 3 – Start the Process
Step 4 – Becoming a Council Priority: Raising Funds & Public Awareness
Step 5 – Council Action
Step 6 – Club Fundraising
Step 7 – Request for Tenders