c) Club Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of everybody with any involvement in local sports clubs to ensure that they remain safe places to be free from discrimination, fear and where possible, risk.

A critical component of maintaining a quality club culture is to set standards of acceptable behaviour which must be up held by all involved at the club and participating in club run activities and competitions.

An important tool for defining and communicating acceptable standards of behaviour is a documented, Code of Conduct.  Ideally the Code of Conduct must apply to all involved in the club and its activities.  Different groups of people which should be covered by the Code of Conduct include:

  • Players
  • Coaches and team officials
  • Team selectors
  • Club committee and office holders
  • Players
  • Parents
  • Spectators
  • Users of social media

Code of Conduct acceptance

Having a well documented Code of Conduct is very positive.  The next step is to ensure everybody has not only read and understands the Code of Conduct but they support and act with the Code.

A good Code of Conduct will be written in a very positive manner, clearly defining the acceptable and desired standards of behaviour.  The Code of Conduct should also detail the consequences of behaviour unacceptable under the Code of Conduct.

www.playbytherules.net.au have developed a Code of Conduct template which can be used by clubs which can be accessed by clicking:


Dealing with unacceptable behaviour

Club officials will often be faced with the task of dealing with unacceptable behaviour on the spot as it occurs.  The www.playbytherules.net.au website details very clear strategies for dealing with: