a) Safety, Inclusion and Fairness

Club volunteers and administrators may be confronted with many complex issues around safety, participation, fairness, behaviour and inclusion.

By far and away the best resource in the country that provides a framework for clubs and volunteers to deal with these issues and fulfil their legal and moral responsibilities is www.playbytherules.net.au.

www.playbytherules.net.austates that the site “is now a unique collaboration between the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation, all state and territory anti-discrimination and human rights agencies, the NSW Commission for Children and Young People and the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA).”

www.playbytherules.net.au website covers a wide range of issues and the first place to visit is the “Got an Issue” section of the website which can be accessed by clicking, http://www.playbytherules.net.au/got-an-issue.

Issues covered by www.playbytherules.net.au include: