Building Better Clubs

soccerOur Staff Development Series Webinars are deigned to empower staff in club support organisations such as peak bodies and government departments to enable them to service the needs of their member clubs.

The webinar series is over 10 sessions. Cost is $500 plus GST. Book Here.

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June 25 10am – 11am – PSD01 – The roles and responsibilities of club committees
In this session participants will learn:
– Committee responsibilities
– The power of strong club governance
* Position Descriptions
* Policies and procedures
– The importance of retaining club knowledge

July 16 10am – 11am – PSD02 – Minimising conflict within committees
In this session participants will learn:
– How to recognise the major causes of club conflict
– How to support clubs in conflict
– About the tools and resources available to manage conflict

July 30 10am – 11am – PSD03 – Helping clubs create a positive club culture
In this session participants will learn:
– The importance of a positive club culture
– Defining a successful club culture
– How to help club manage a culture change to the positive

Aug 13 10am – 11am – PSD04 – Helping clubs plan for better outcomes
In this session, participants will learn:
– Why Planning and Goal Setting is important for clubs
– How to assist clubs with simple goal setting processes
– Helping clubs to ensure they deliver on their objectives

Aug 27 10am – 11am – PSD05 – Helping clubs manage their volunteers
In this session participants will learn:
– Strategies to help clubs
* Recruit
* Empower
* Retain
* and Replace their volunteers

Sept 17 10am – 11am – PSDS06 – Effective Communication and Marketing at club level
In this session participants will learn:
– How to help clubs understand their audience and stakeholders
– How to use traditional and social media to communicate
– How to use communication tools to meet objectives such as:
* Increased membership
* Increased participation
* Increased revenue

Oct 8 10am – 11am – PSD07 – Helping clubs manage their finances
In this session participants will learn:
– Financial Management Strategies for clubs
– To assist clubs in Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
– About cash protection strategies

Nov 5 10am – 11am – PSD08 – Helping clubs raise funds
In this session participants will learn:
– Helping clubs to create a successful fundraising environment
– To help clubs identify new and traditional fundraising techniques – Crowdfunding for eg.
– Successful fundraising through case studies

Nov 26 10m – 11am – PSD09 – Risk Management for clubs
In this session participants will learn:
– To help clubs understand the concepts of risk management
– How to make risk management relevant to club committees
– How to utilise different strategies for different types of risk

Dec 17 10pm – 11am – PSD10 – Partnering with councils and government bodies
In this session participants will learn:
– How councils can provide value to clubs other than just facilities provision
– To understand council processes – master plans, feasibility studies, etc
– Positive strategies to influence council and government priorities

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