Training Courses

A range of training courses are available for your clubs.  They can be customised to meet the exact issues of a club or sport.  Topics of our training courses include:

Planning and Strategy

  • Introduction to club leadership.  Designed for committee leaders it defines leadership and introduces goal setting, planning, financial management and how to maximise the efforts of all involved.
  • Achieving club goals by creating a culture of volunteering.  Explains why goal setting is so important, how to structure your club to achieve goals and understanding the power of a positive club culture.
  • Financial management.  Designed for the whole committee this session covers the types of information committees need to effectively manage their club, the power of cash projections and budgets, financial reporting obligations, using technology to manage clubs finances and how to minimise theft, loss and fraud.
  • Risk management.  Understand the different types of sports clubs risk, introduction of the traditional risk management processes and strategies to minimise sports club risk.


  • So you are on the committee.  Now what?  Induction session for new committee members on what is a successful club and the roles and responsibilities of a committee.
  • Attracting, maintaining and empowering volunteers.  Explore why people volunteer in sports clubs, barriers to volunteering and strategies to attract, empower and retain the volunteers you have.

Club Operations

  • Running successful committee meetings.  Why are committee meetings run and what information needs to be considered.  Get the insight into the skills required for managing a modern committee.
  • Running a successful Annual General Meeting.  Get an overview of the key strategies for holding a successful AGM including legislative obligations,  preparation, notification, attendance and voting and how to deal with challenging topics.
  • Minimising committee conflict.  What are the key causes and symptoms of committee conflict and what you can do to minimise conflict and meet club goals.
  • Facility management.  Identify the components of facility management including risk and issues, the redevelopment process and how to maximise redevelopment grants.
  • Creating a safe club – Understand the importance of creating a quality club culture and the processes to do it.

Coaching and player development and participation

  • Creating an environment of player and coach development.  Understand the roles and responsibilities of the modern coach, the coaches philosophy, training and accreditation available.
  • Player Development.  Why we participate in sport, the player development framework and the player development strategy in your club.
  • Attracting and retaining players and members.  Different strategies to overcome the barriers and create recruiting pathways which attract new participants while retaining those already participating.
  • Increasing female participation.  Uncover the historical causes of women being underrepresented in many sports as competitors as well as coaches, administrators and leaders.  Then explore the strategies to attract and retain women in your club.

Marketing and Communications

  • Creating a communication strategy for sports clubs.  Learn the four key objectives of a communication strategy and how to put it all together in a communication plan to deliver your clubs objectives.
  • Social media, website and email newsletter for sports clubs.  In depth look at how to effectively use social media, email newsletters and websites looking at how clubs can unleash the power of tools such as Facebook, twitter, youtube etc.


  • Fundamentals of sports clubs fundraising.  This session consider why clubs need to fund raise, the different options available and the role of members and players in developing fund raising opportunities.
  • Creating successful grant applications.  This session is designed to maximise your chances of winning grants.
  • Sponsorship made easy.  Learn the fundamentals of clubs sponsorship including why businesses sponsor, how to value sponsorships, your clubs sponsorship assets, the different ways of attracting sponsors and the sponsorship proposal.
  • How to create a $10,000 event.  Learn how it is possible to create a fundraising event that generates significant funds by using different formats such as raffles, sports events, social events or other unique community events.
  • Running a successful social event.  Discover the key tasks of running a social event within your club including planning, event format, maximising revenue, minimising risk, marketing, logistics and volunteer management.
  • Running a major social, fundraising or sporting event. Introduces participants to the key activities in the planning and holding a major event.  This includes due diligence, organising committee, defining roles and responsibilities and volunteer recruitment and management.

Sports Community Training – Darwin, Hilton Hotel

“Our Department/The Northern Territory engaged the services of Sports Community to run a series of club development training sessions throughout the NT in 2013. Their training was exactly what we have been looking for! Sports Community developed a training package to suit the specific needs of Territory clubs. Their knowledge, energy and passion for grassroots sports was evident throughout the training programs. The Territory is looking forward to developing a long term relationship with Sports Community to endeavor to offer our clubs the highest standard of club development training in Australia”  

Benita Bittner, Manager Central Australia Department of Sport, Recreation and Racing, Northern Territory Government 


For full course details including session outlines, please contact us at Sports Community on 03 5973 6404 or


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