The Sports Community experts have put together two great eBooks that will guide you through the most effective ways to raise funds for your club, through Sponsorship and social media marketing.

Social Media and Communication Tactics for Sports Clubs: eBook

Social Media is everywhere in the modern world and we can often feel we are being left behind if we're not up with the latest communications app or tool.

This eBook is designed to show club volunteers step-by-step how they can use Social Media tools to meet club objectives like attracting new members, creating and running successful events and so much more.

This eBook explores a whole new way of thinking about sponsorship, in particular how we attract and maintain sponsors and grow these relationships.

Each chapter focuses on a key message or skill development and provides you with a wide variety of tools and skills. This ebook will help you create your club’s sponsorship plan and proposals, and help your club achieve its sponsorship objectives. Click below for more details.

Guide to Sponsorship for Sports Clubs

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